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A new ethical business bootcamp has launched, offering aspiring entrepreneurs the knowledge and confidence they need to start their own responsible enterprise.

The Ethical Business Bootcamp Course was created by entrepreneur Kate Strong in partnership with Plant Based News.

There is currently a 40 percent discount on the course – bringing the total price to $870 (normally $1,400). This discount will expire in a week.

Ethical business bootcamp

The course, which is delivered via a series of videos, is presented and directed by Strong.

It has been specifically designed for people who want to create a profitable and purpose-driven company.

Strong points out that there is no ‘one size fits all’ way of creating a business, and says this course unlocks your inner confidence and guides you with practical steps to creating a business that can last a lifetime.

‘Empowering people’

Plant Based News co-founder Robbie Lockie said: “I am very excited to launch this course with my good friend Kate Strong. Kate and I have been working on this for many months and we hope that it will empower people from across the world to start that vegan or ethical business they have always wanted to start.

“Kate is an incredibly talented and thorough teacher and I know this course will be the spark you are looking for to start the business of your dreams.”

‘All the tools you need’

Kate Strong added: “For me, owning a business is a natural process of being responsible for my life for the life of my family and also becoming a champion for the causes nearest and dearest to my heart. I believe that we can make a positive difference in the world and the first step is for us to step up and create something to contribute to others in the form of a company.”

She added that she has wanted to develop a course that educates people how to create a viable business which is also sustainable, ethical, and responsible for ‘years’, and says working with Plant Based News to develop the course was ‘a dream come true’.

“After months of development research and creation, this course gives you all the tools you need to step up and create a unique business and break free from our addiction to a monthly paycheque. I wanted to make sure that this course left you empowered, so you can make the right decisions moving forward and be the entrepreneurial leader you desire to become,” she concluded.

You can find out more about the course here

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