Reading Time: < 1 minute Lack of sales during lockdown has hit Burger King NZ hard (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
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Burger King New Zealand has gone into receivership – leaving 2,600 jobs hanging in the balance according to reports.

The chain, like other eateries, has suffered as a result of the coronavirus.

Now vegan charity PETA has written to the outlet, suggesting it ‘takes this opportunity to reinvent the chain as a revolutionary, all-vegan business, focused solely on a kinder, more environmentally friendly plant-based menu’.

‘No sales since lockdown’

The chain’s staff were told about the financial struggles in a letter from Burger King chief executive Michelle Alexander.

She wrote: “As you know we have applied and received the Government wage subsidy, and this is assisting to pay all staff during the lockdown, however with no sales since lockdown commenced, the Company does not currently have the cash flow to fund trade creditors and rent payments.”

PETA cited the chain’s Rebel Whopper as proof demand is growing for animal-free food (Photo: Burger King)
PETA cited the chain’s Rebel Whopper as proof demand is growing for animal-free food (Photo: Burger King)

Global shift to veganism

Now Emily Rice, PETA Australia’s senior outreach and partnerships manager, has reached out to the ailing chain, saying that ditching animal products would be beneficial to the environment and animals, as well as meet growing demand for plant-based food.

“Vegan business is big business, with demand continuing to grow, and the global vegan food market set to reach an estimated $31.4 billion by 2026,” she wrote.”

She added: “Receivership need not be negative. Not only is a global shift towards veganism necessary if we wish to make meaningful headway when it comes to avoiding environmental catastrophe and future global health crises, while respecting our fellow animals, it’s also simply good business.” 

Burger King has not yet publicly responded to the letter.

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