Rocker Brian May Would Have Tried Veganism Sooner - If He Realized How Delicious It Is

Rocker Brian May Would Have Tried Veganism Sooner – If He Realized How Delicious It Is


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Brian May is loving Veganuary (Photo: Bill Ingalls) - Media Credit:
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Brian May has revealed that he is loving the food he’s been able to eat during Veganuary – and would have tried it sooner if he’d realized how delicious a plant-based diet can be.

The Queen guitarist, who is currently touring in Japan, is a longtime vegetarian and animal advocate, who decided to trial a plant-based diet because he was ‘bothered’ by campaigners for some animals while eating animal-derived food.

‘Eating the things I love’

Posting on Instagram, the musician shared a picture of his breakfast, and wrote: “Vegan breakfast for a Big Day! You know, I think if I’d realized how easy Veganuary was going to be, I’d have done it earlier.

“I was under the impression I was going to be ‘giving things up’, but it seems to be an opportunity to eat more of the things I really love!”


The star revealed he’d be doing Veganuary 2020 last month, sharing the news with his 2.1 million Instagram followers, posting a picture of himself brandishing Veganuary’s vegan guide.

He said: “Starting on the first of January I, this coming year I will be doing VEGANUARY. Which means I will eat only vegan food for that month.

“If any of you folks out there are hovering on the edge out there and want to join me too, I’d be delighted. We can mutually support each other! I figured this book is a good place to start.

“My reasons? 1) to lessen the suffering of animals. 2) To lessen the load on our groaning planet. 3) for my health. And…as an animal campaigner, it has been bothering me for a while that I still eat animal-derived food, that has caused indignity and pain to a non-human animal.”

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