Reading Time: 2 minutes The star said being vegan is 'pretty simple' in his house (Photo: Instagram / Brian May)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Queen guitarist Brian May has shown off his ‘amazing’ and ‘delicious’ plant-based food to more than two million Instagram followers. 

The musician, who regularly speaks out about animal-rights, announced last month he would attempt Veganuary: the month-long pledge to ditch animal products.

‘Pretty simple’

“Being Vegan is pretty simple in our house! Well, so it seems, so far,” the star said. “During the day we snack on fruit and nuts and rough oatcakes, and the occasional sweet treat like Turkish Delight.

“We don’t usually feel the need for imitation meats – we just love veg – and luckily for me, my lovely wife loves cookin’ em! And there are so many to choose from these days.”

“One person going Vegan for a month is a very small thing. But from small seeds, big peaceful Oak trees grow.”

‘Enjoying it more than ever’

May also shared photos of his food from his favorite Italian restaurant Cacciari’s London, which recently introduced ‘a whole new menu of vegan options’. 

“Yep! On day 12 of Veganuary I’m enjoying it more than ever!” the celebrity said, posting an illustration of him surrounded by fruit and vegetables with #Veganuary written across it.  

You can follow Brian May’s Veganuary journey on Instagram here

Liam Gilliver

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