BREAKING: YouTuber Casey Neistat Says He Is Vegan In Interview


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Casey Neistat has millions of social media followers (Photo: Instagram/Casey Neistat) - Media Credit:

Social media star Caisey Neistat says he is vegan.

Neistat, who has 11.5 million subscribers on YouTube, revealed the news during an interview on the H3H3 podcast, which is produced by husband and wife duo Ethan Klein and Hila Klein.

In an awkward twist, the episode was sponsored by Butcher Box, a meat delivery service.

‘Don’t f*ck with dairy’

During the interview, Hila asked Neistat if he was drinking hot cocoa or pumpkin.

“It’s definitely not pumpkin,” he replied. “This is a soy milk latte with some chocolate syrup in it.”

“You don’t do dairy or what?” asked Ethan.

“No, I don’t do dairy,” replied Neistat.

“You don’t do any dairy? Are you lactose intolerant?” asked Ethan. “Or you just don’t f*ck with dairy?”

‘I am vegan’

Hila asked: “Are you vegan?”

Neistat appeared to pause before saying. “I am vegan. Yeah. Believe it.”

“But you’re so jacked,” said Ethan.

“I’m like, one of those jacked vegan dudes,” replied Neistat.

Plant-based food

Neistat has explored plant-based food before – he has made videos eating the Impossible Burger patty before.

In a 2018 video, he taste-tested the patty at burger chain White Castle and preferred it to traditional meat.

After sampling both of the sandwiches, Neistat said of the Impossible: “It’s nice. I like it better. It tastes like meat, substantial meat.”

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