Reading Time: < 1 minute Miley Cyrus is a proud and vocal vegan (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Musician Miley Cyrus has confirmed to PBN that she is not a ‘fake vegan’ – despite accusations on social media.

A recent PBN Instagram post featured an image of the star as well as a quote saying she is ‘proud to be vegan’.

Some users questioned the authenticity of Cyrus’ veganism – as well as questioning whether she wears fur.


Luckily Cyrus jumped onto PBN’s post to answer the critics.

When asked if she ‘cheats’ by consuming animal foods, she simply replied: “Nope I don’t.”

When accused of wearing animal fur, Cyrus repeated: “Nope.”

Cyrus was featured in PBN’s Most Influential Vegans series last year.Subscribe to PBN’s YouTube Channel here


With an Instagram following of more than 74 million, Cyrus often uses social media to promote a pro-vegan message.

She has been inked with the Vegan Society symbol, sharing a picture of her tattoo with the caption ‘vegan for life’.

Cyrus’ advocacy even led animal rights PETA to as ‘is Miley Cyrus the veganest vegan to ever vegan?‘.

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