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Singer Robbie Williams has called himself vegan, after revealing he adopted a plant-based diet in a bid to heal his ‘mystery illness’ that forced him to cancel his summer tour.

Williams has updated his fans on his recovery in a YouTube video today, saying: “Now I am vegan. 

“I do pilates every day, I do yoga every day, and have a really big burger on a Sunday.”


The 43-year-old added: “So I’m not fully that guy; I still burger. I have a cheat meal.

“But I’ve been looking after myself. I know I’m going to be better than ever.”

He also talked about his recovery: “How am I is really good. I’ve been recovering from an illness now for the last five weeks.

“Unfortunately, that illness kicked in just at the end of my tour, a tour which was going so well.”


The singer went on to say that test results were ‘worrying’, and he ended up in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

“I haven’t pulled out of a tour for bad health since 1998 so you know if I can’t do it then there’s something going on that I just can’t do it.”


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