Reading Time: 2 minutes The activist was knocked to the ground (Photo: DxE)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A blind vegan activist was knocked to the ground during a sit-in after a confrontation broke out between shoppers and campaigners during a protest in Sheffield.

The activists, with the Yorkshire branch of international grassroots organization DxE, were staging a demo outside the meat stalls at Moor Market. They sat in a line in front of the stalls, surrounding themselves with police-style tape.

Shoppers get angry

Shoppers, who claimed they were supporting local businesses, began to confront the activists. A video shows one man saying: “The state of you, putting all these people out of a job. You are a disgrace.”

Another added: “Sorry we killed the cow . . . but it was eating your dinner.”

A protestor responded: “They are sentient beings just like us. They deserve to be safe and free from harm just like us. They have a capacity to experience grief or joy just like us. So why make them suffer? They deserve to be happy and healthy just like us. Just like our beloved pets. Why love one and not another?”

While a butcher is seen ripping the protestors’ police tape, reports say no market staff got involved in the fracas.


A statement by DxE after the event said: “[The] day of action was to disrupt places which normalize, profit from and promote animal abuse.

“This is a peaceful nonviolent stance. It was shocking and upsetting for one of the group members (who is visually impaired) to be attacked by one of the butchers – attacked for simply standing for those weaker and most innocent beings, who have no voice.”

Blind activist

Video footage shows the blind activist, who is carrying a white cane, falling to the ground and struggling to get back up. Police reviewed the film, quickly closing the investigation.

“Officers received reports of an assault at the Moor Market in Sheffield. It was reported that a 53-year-old man was pushed to the floor. The victim didn’t sustain any injuries,” said a spokesperson for South Yorkshire police.

“Officers interviewed witnesses and reviewed CCTV footage in the surrounding area. There was no evidence to support the investigation, which has now been closed.”

Maria Chiorando

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