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Billie Eilish has adopted a puppy she has been fostering during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 18-year-old musical icon shared the news on Instagram stories earlier this month, sharing an image of the pooch alongside the words: “As for this little nameless monkey… you are miiiiiiiiiiiine!!!”

Eilish, who is currently social distancing at her parents’ house in Los Angeles, believes more people should foster – saying the ‘animals need it’. She has also revealed that the second puppy she was fostering was adopted by someone else.

‘A happy ending’

The move has drawn praise from different organizations, with Veganuary – a charity which encourages people to take a vegan pledge in January and throughout the year – thanking the star for ‘opening her heart and home’.

Writing on Instagram, the charity said: “We love a happy ending. Vegan singer Billie Eilish has adopted the pit bull puppy she was fostering from Angel City Pit Bulls!?

“The 18-year-old star has shared lots of videos of her cuddling with shelter dogs, but during the COVID-19 quarantine, she became even more dedicated to helping dogs.?..Thank you Billie for opening up your heart and home to an animal in need!”