Reading Time: 2 minutes The charity started in 'response to the continued issue of racial injustice' (Photo: Instagram. Edited by PBN)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Beyond Meat has partnered with Social Change Fund – a non-profit created by NBA stars Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony.

The charity started in ‘response to the continued issue of racial injustice’ and aims to ‘fight disparities in Black communities and beyond through initiatives tied to social justice, education, and health equity’.

‘Racial inequalities in nutrition’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Beyond Meat’s founder and CEO Ethan Brown said: “We are honored to join in partnership with Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony in support of the Social Change Fund. Beyond Meat is dedicated to serving broader social goals, using what’s on the center of the plate as a critical starting point.

“And we are excited to support and work with the Social Change Fund initiative to address racial inequalities in nutrition access and health outcomes in America.”

‘Committed to progress’

Paul, who is an investor and ambassador of Beyond Meat, said: “I’ve been a longtime supporter of Beyond Meat and am excited to welcome them as a founding partner into the Social Change Fund.

“Like the Social Change Fund, I know that Beyond Meat is committed to progress for our communities. I look forward to all the good that we can continue to do together.”

You can learn more about the Social Change Fund here

Liam Giliver

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