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Renowned poet, musician, and Vegan Society Ambassador Benjamin Zephaniah has released a music video for his brand new song that celebrates World Vegan Month.

Both the song – called Love the Life – and the music video are available to all radio stations and TV stations for free, as the singer chose not to release the track commercially.

‘Diversity and growth’

According to a spokesperson for the Vegan Society: “It was produced for the international charity The Vegan Society, who put a call out for video submissions and received content from enthusiastic vegans worldwide, even as far as China.

“The video showcases the diversity and growth of the vegan movement, as well as featuring a vegan dog and a vegan baby, proving that veganism is for everyone.” 

The music videocan be viewed here

The Vegan Society encourages everyone who is not yet vegan to give it a go by takingits 30 Day Vegan Pledge


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