50 Banners Appear Over UK Roads Saying ‘Go Vegan’


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One of the pro-vegan banners (Photo: Joey Carbstrong) - Media Credit:

People in multiple towns across the UK are being urged to ‘go vegan’.

Around 50 large banners were hung over motorway bridges and by roads over the weekend.

The banners carry different pro-vegan messages, including: “Rebel! Against extinction. Help our planet, people and animals. Go vegan.” 

Vegan Links

In addition, they feature the web address for Vegan Links, a site which shares information about the benefits a plant-based diet can have on animals, the environment, and human health.

“Your choices matter. Join the millions of us choosing vegan because it’s the most powerful decision we can make for animals, health and the planet. Now has never been a better time to go vegan,” says Vegan Links’ homepage.

Activist Joey Carbstrong, who shared images of some of the banners on social media, added the caption: “So 50 banners went up around the uk today in random cities. I think they’re trying to tell us something.”

Road banners

This is not the first pro-vegan banner spotted hanging over a major road. Another example was seen back in 2017 over the M32 motorway which said: “Land of Hope and Glory, watch on YouTube.”

Land of Hope and Glory is a documentary by Ed Winters and Luna Woods. It has been described as the ‘British Earthlings‘. It uses never seen before undercover footage to expose the brutal reality of factory farming in the UK.

Speaking to Plant Based News, the pair said: “We’re so pleased and humbled to see that word about ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ is being spread all over the country in such creative ways.

“It’s so important that the film reaches a non-vegan audience and the banner drop is such a brilliant way of ensuring as many people as possible hear about the film.”

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