‘Arrogance And Extreme Diets Are Common In Ex-Vegans’ Says YouTuber


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Ex-vegan YouTuber Rawvana (Photo: YouTube/Rawvana) - Media Credit:

A vegan YouTuber has made a video sharing what he says are traits ex-vegans have in common.

The video was created by Gojiman, who is currently completing a Masters degree in nutrition, and qualifying as a nutritionist. He will be following this later in the year with a PhD in Nutritional Science.

His video refers to the number of people who have recently denounced veganism, often citing health as a reason. They include YouTubers Tim Shieff, Bonny Rebecca, Kalel, and Rawvana among others.


“If there is one good thing to come out of all of these ex-vegan stories, it’s our ability to be able to dissect the profile of all of these people, and see what led them to turn their backs on veganism,” he says in the video.

“Many of them have large social media profiles and they have tracked their diet, lifestyle, and thought processes on video over a period of time. So it is often very easy to spot patterns and trends in these ex-vegans.”

Gojiman’s video about ex-vegans

Ex-vegan similarities

According to Gojiman, the ‘majority of these ex-vegans usually enter veganism in ill-health’. He lists gut problems, acne, and mental health issues including eating disorders.

Another similarity is that they tend to adopt what Gojiman describes as ‘extreme’ vegan diets – including raw, very high carb with no healthy fats, or intentional calorie restriction for weight loss or high intake for weight gain. He adds that he believes a preoccupation with physical appearance is usually a factor too.

Among the other things in common, Gojiman cites recreational drug use, belief in conspiracy theories, arrogance, i.e. believing they know more than doctors despite a lack of medical knowledge, digestive issues – which he believes are a result of extreme diets.

‘Never cared about animals’

He also cites an infallible belief in their own knowledge – in other words, a refusal to acknowledge that they may be wrong, or that factors other than a vegan diet could have caused health issues.

Gojiman also suggests a common trait in ex-vegans is not ever being concerned about animal ethics. “The usual story is ‘I was such an ethical vegan, then I developed SIBO [a gut condition] I then started buying carpets made from animals or got caught eating animals while pretending to be ethical.”

A major trait the ex-vegans have in common is ‘pushing the limit of their bodies’ – which includes water fasting and juicing. “How many ex-vegans can you name who simply ate a balanced diet all of the time?” he asks. “How many vegans do you know developed pathogenic bacteria in their gut without drinking their own p*ss?”

You can watch the full video on YouTube here

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