Armed Police Attend Scene As Vegan Protestors Flood Jamie Oliver Restaurant


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The protestors outside the restaurant (Photo: Supplied) - Media Credit:

Armed police attended an incident last Friday when vegan protestors flooded a Jamie Oliver restaurant in Brighton.

The campaigners, with global grassroots animal rights organization DxE, held signs, flowers, and a fake piglet on a plate.

Around 25 entered the eatery and gave speeches, with one saying: “We would like everyone to think about who they are eating. The way that animal flesh is presented and advertised makes it easy to forget they were once even an animal, let alone that they were a thinking, feeling individual.”


DxE claims that police – including armed police – arrived around 15 minutes after the protest began, with one activist claiming a ‘police officer shoved someone to the ground and when she got up two officers shoved her over again, then threatened arrest’.

According to Sussex Police: “[The activists] were quite aggressive to customers while they were trying to eat dinner. They were merely protesters that overstepped the mark slightly, a bit in our face to patrons in the establishment that we don’t take too kindly to.

He said armed police were not involved, and no firearms were drawn. In addition, no arrests were made.

‘Standing up for animals

“This is a social justice movement,” a DxE Brighton spokeswoman said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“We are here to speak up against the oppression of our fellow animals who are used and abused, whose screams go unheard or fall on uncaring ears.

“We are here to shed light on the scared five-month-old pig sent to slaughter, the dairy cow who has her baby stolen and killed, the lamb whose throat was slit, the fish who is pulled from the water and suffocates. We are fighting for animal liberation.”

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