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Animal rights charity PETA has placed a giant anti-meat digital billboard near McDonald’s and Arby’s branches in Toledo, Ohio.

The board features a cow’s face next to the words: “I’m ME, Not MEAT. See the Individual. Go Vegan.”

The organization says it has targetted these outlets, as they have ‘lagged behind’ competitors when it comes to offering vegan options.

Vegan fast-food

The organization notes that chains including Del Taco, Dunkin’, Denny’s, White Castle, and Carl’s Jr. have all added animal-free options to their menus.

“PETA’s billboard takes McDonald’s and Arby’s to task for still serving sad old meat meals instead of catering to the rising demand for vegan options as other fast-food chains now do,” PETA Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman, said in a statement. 

“As more people go vegan for animals, the environment, and health reasons, PETA urges restaurants to embrace this market or risk losing customers.”

The billboard is located at 4427 Talmadge Rd. (just south of the intersection with Monroe Street), directly across from McDonald’s and next to Arby’s.