Activists SLAM Big Ag Request To Kill Even More Animals Per Minute

Activists SLAM Big Ag Request To Kill Even More Animals Per Minute


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The waiver shows the grim reality of animals being mere objects to big ag (Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / Animal Equality) - Media Credit:
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Animal rights charity PETA has blasted the meat industry in light of an appeal made to the U.S. Department of Agriculture [USDA] this fall to waive its speed limits so that more chickens are killed per minute.

Currently, most slaughter lines kill 140 birds per minute, in what the animal rights organization calls as already being ‘a breakneck pace for the workers’, mentioning that ‘the suffering that the chickens endure is unimaginable’.

The waiver, issued by The National Chicken Council [TNCC] earlier this fall, has shocked animal rights activists.


In a bid to show the public the horror of ‘scalded chickens’, PETA activists recently staged a graphic demonstration outside TNCC.

PETA explains that since slaughter line workers are forced to keep the lines moving as quickly as possible, ‘many chickens miss the throat-cutting blade and are then scalded to death in the feather-removal tanks’.

Making slaughter lines faster means even more room for error, according to the animal protection organization.

PETA said: “The National Chicken Council’s request sheds light on an inherently violent industry with no regard for sentient life, human or otherwise.”


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