Activists Occupy Supermarket To Demand 'Total Animal Liberation'

Activists Occupy Supermarket To ‘Demand Total Animal Liberation’


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Activists held images from a pig farm (Photo: DxE) - Media Credit:
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A group of animal rights activists occupied a supermarket this weekend in a bid to bring attention to animal suffering.

The campaigners, from the Brighton chapter of grassroots animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), entered the Worthing branch of Morrison’s supermarket to protest the retailer’s alleged links with Moss Rose Piggery in Blackpool.

The farm was filmed by activists earlier this Summer. They claim they recorded grim scenes, including animals trapped in filthy pens with no stimulation, and pigs with visible painful prolapses. Wayne Baguley, who owns the facility, has denied all accusations of animal suffering or any wrong-doing.

‘Total animal liberation’

“The only solution [to animal suffering] is total animal liberation; total abolition of this tortuous system. Animals will never be shown the respect they deserve when they are being farmed, even on ‘high welfare’ farms like this one, which has the red tractor stamp of approval. Farmers are lying to consumers, and so are Morrison’s,” said the group.

“Even if the conditions were better, they will all still end up with a knife in their throat in a slaughterhouse – or, for a third of pigs, in a gas chamber where they will squirm and scream in pain as they burn from the inside out from the carbon dioxide suffocation. We called for a minutes silence in between speeches to pay respect to the individuals who had suffered for their bodies to be displayed on the shelf and those still suffering in farms.”

A Morrisons spokesperson told Plant Based News: “Vegan animal rights activists have a right to protest but we would politely ask them to remain in a public place – rather than our store – and not disrupt our customers and colleagues.”  

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