Reading Time: < 1 minute James Aspey with his mother Brenda (Photo: Instagram/James Aspey)
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Vegan activists James Aspey has spoken out about having the support of his vegan family.

According to Aspey, he was ‘raised to be compassionate’ by his parents, who he convinced to be vegan – along with his brother, telling them compassion should not be exclusive to human animals and dogs.


Aspey is currently touring with animal rights documentary Dominion, as it screens to crowds in Australia (with screenings in other countries on the agenda).

Following screenings, Aspey has been giving a talk about animal rights to the audience. After the first event, the activist broke down on stage, calling the movie ‘intense’.

He took to Instagram to discuss his parents’ approach to the screenings.

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He wrote: “This is my mum, Brenda. We’re about to watch Dominion together. Mum is already a vegan activist. She’s attended dozens of events, mostly the cube of truth.

“My dad, Tom, didn’t want to come. He is so sensitive to animal cruelty. It really breaks him.”

He says his dad couldn’t even listen to a radio interview he gave outside a slaughterhouse recently – because of the sounds of animals screaming in the background.


He added: “I’m so grateful that the Aspey clan are all vegans, my bro, included. It would be damn hard if they weren’t.

“In fact, it isn’t where to get protein or what food to eat that is a vegans’ biggest problem.

Usually it is having to watch your otherwise kind, compassionate friends and family eating the bodies and secretions of murder victims.

“Thankfully, things are changing and the world is waking up. Maybe your friends and family will be next.”

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