Reading Time: 2 minutes The devastating blazes have killed millions of animals, says an expert (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A staggering 480 million animals have been killed by the bush fires in Australia, according to an estimate.

The number was compiled by Professor Chris Dickman – an expert on Australian biodiversity from the University of Sydney.

The University released a statement titled A statement about the 480 million animals killed in NSW bushfires since September, which explains how further animals are likely to be affected by the disaster.


“Professor Chris Dickman estimates that 480 million animals have been affected since the bushfires in NSW started in September 2019,” says the report.

“This figure only relates to the state of NSW. Many of the affected animals are likely to have been killed directly by the fires, with others succumbing later due to the depletion of food and shelter resources and predation from introduced feral cats and red foxes.

“The figure includes mammals, birds and reptiles and does not include insects, bats or frogs. The true loss of animal life is likely to be much higher than 480 million. NSW’s wildlife is seriously threatened and under increasing pressure from a range of threats, including land clearing, exotic pests and climate change.”

It’s important to note that the data applies only to NSW, while the fires have spread to Victoria – meaning the number of animals affected is now larger than the estimate suggests.

Disaster relief

A fundraiser for fire services in NWS has raised more than A$20 million in 48 hours to help tackle the fire. While Scott Morrison has called up 3,000 reserve troops.

Celebrity singer-songwriter Pink has also donated $500,000 directly to the local fire services, stating she was ‘totally devastated’ by the blaze.

She also shared links to her 7.4 million Instagram followers of local state fire services so people can make donations.

If you would like to donate or volunteer to help with the fires, click here

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