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Almost 40,000 activists have attended the Surge Official Animal Rights March globally this year – the highest number in the event’s history.

There are still some marches due to take place, with final global attendance expected to be between 40,000 – 41,000 total activists worldwide.

Animal rights marches

The event, which was founded in 2016 by animal rights organization Surge, attracted 2,500 people marching in London.

Last year, more than 28,000 attendees marched in 25 cities across the world ‘demanding an end to all animal oppression.

In 2019, there were marches in 44 cities across the world, including Berlin, Zurich and Prague, which Surge says were the largest animal rights marches in the history of their respective countries.


This year, a record-breaking 12,000 vegans took part in the London Animal Rights March.

Attendees marched to Parliament Square on August 17 for a rally, stopping on en-route to blockade Trafalgar Square for almost an hour.

Speakers included profound activist and YouTuber, Earthling Ed, director of the documentary series Vegan Round The World, James Hoot, representatives from Animal Rebellion, and many more.

‘We will not tolerate animal use’

“We are growing, we are stronger and we stand united to demand justice for all animals,” Ed Winters – aka Earthing Ed – Co-Founder of The Official Animal Rights March, told Plant Based News.

“I am so grateful for all of the incredible work being done across ?the globe for the animals and the growth of The Official Animal Rights March perfectly represents the growth of veganism and vegan activism.

“We are rising and collectively taking a stand against all animal oppression; we will not tolerate the continuation of animal use.”

The 2020 March will take place in August next year. 

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