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A staggering 2,662,900 people in the UK will try a vegan diet this January, according to a survey.

The poll, by VoucherCodes’, asked people about their New Year’s resolutions.

It found that Brits are as likely to give up animal products as they are alcohol, with Dry January becoming increasingly popular.

New Year’s Resolutions

Seven percent of participants said they will give up alcohol and attempt Dry January, while six percent, just under three million, said they will attempt to go vegan.

While 40 percent of those surveyed said their New Year’s resolutions for January was to eat more healthily.

Record-breaking numbers

In terms of official Veganuary sign-ups, the charity has announced that 250,000 people from 193 countries have already signed-up to take the month-long pledge to try veganism – with that figure expected to hit 300,000.

Last year, 168,500 people from 165 countries signed up for Veganuary, with over 79,000 omnivores taking the pledge.

Veganuary’s 2018 survey showed that over half (62 per cent) of participants stated they intended to continue being vegan for the ‘foreseeable future’, and 67 per cent said they’d noticed improved health by the end of January.

Liam Giliver

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