2,000 Giant Pro-Vegan Posters Launched Across The UK And Ireland


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The posters can also be spotted in tube stations (Photo: Go Vegan World) - Media Credit:

More than 2,000 giant pro-vegan posters have been launched across the UK and Ireland in a bid to encourage people to ditch animal products.

The major campaign, by Go Vegan World, will run during Christmas and throughout January.

It includes 650 UK bus ads and the first large screen vegan video ads in Ireland. Ads will also appear on billboards, streets, bus shelters, bathrooms, the London Underground, bus and train stations in Ireland, the Irish Times, Hotpress Magazine, and on social media.

Vegan is important

“It is important at the outset to define veganism as a way of living that protects the rights of other sentient animals,” Founder and Director of Go Vegan World, Sandra Higgins, said in a statement.

“Other animals share our capacity for physical and psychological feelings. They have brains that enable them to be aware of themselves and their world. Therefore, in recognition of these facts, they share our fundamental rights not to be owned, used, harmed or killed.

“Christmas is traditionally a time of good will, generosity and concern for the less fortunate and the oppressed. Our oppression of other animals goes unnoticed for the most part simply because they are members of different species to us. But being different is not a justification for ignoring their exploitation and neither is it a justification for exploiting them in the first place.”

Go vegan

Higgins added that it is tempting for many people to ‘take refuge through denial, minimization and failure to act’ when confronted with human-made issues like environmental destruction and climate change and the violent oppression of innocent animals.

“We tend to dissociate from the truth that demands that we change, pushing facts to the back of our minds for the short-term gain of convenience,” she added.

“The Go Vegan World ads remind us of our victims; they remind us that each one of us is morally obliged to stop using other animals and go vegan.”

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