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Maggie Baird | Episode 57 – Actor, Founder & Environmental activist. The Plant Based News Podcast

It’s impossible to ignore the incredible work that Maggie Baird has done as an American actress, voice artist, screenwriter and founder of Plant-Based non-profit organisation Support & Feed. Much like her musician son Finneas and pop star daughter Billie Eilish, Maggie is a passionate vegan, and has inspired many to go plant-based. Maggie grew up in Colorado performing music, and studied theatre and dance at the University of Utah, before moving to New York City where she performed on Broadway. She made her TV debut in 1981 in the soap opera Another World and in 1989, her film debut in An Innocent Man. She has also appeared in many television series’ such as Bones, The X-Files and Six Feet Under. As a vegan powerhouse, Maggie has continued to both entertain her admirers as well as encourage and enlighten new followers. In 2020 Maggie featured on a new plant-based cooking show on Amazon Prime Video called New Day New Chef. This hugely successful programme centred around her organisation Support + Feed, an initiative set up to help those ‘greatly impacted’ by the coronavirus crisis. Support + Feed has supported LA’s plant-based restaurants by encouraging people to gift order food for those in need. As further proof of Maggie’s huge contribution, the organisation was crowned ‘2020 Company of the Year’ by animal advocacy group PETA. Maggie also continues to be an advocate for the benefits of a vegan lifestyle on her socials, boasting strong and powerful messages that highlight animal welfare, sustainable living and the importance of looking out for those around us.   Follow Maggie here And show your support for Support and Feed here: Read all our articles about Maggie's work on Plant Based News here Learning about the film "They Are Trying To Kill Us' – Find out more about V.A.A.O – This episode is presented and produced by Robbie Lockie, and edited by Phil Marriott. 00:03:05 Discovering the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles 00:06:25 Should we tell young children where their food comes from? 00:09:08 The challenges of eating healthily in the U.S. 00:19:32 Childhood and adolescent interests and ambitions 00:24:36 Raising children Billie Eilish and Finneas as vegetarian 00:28:49 Carnism vs Veganism 00:32:32 Billie Eilish and Finneas embracing the importance of veganism 00:37:58 The U.S. Election 00:43:02 Donald Trump, misinformation and conspiracy theories 00:48:00 The harmful effects of social media 00:50:15 Tips for a happy marriage and a balanced family 00:53:22 Finding calm within the pressures and distractions of work and social media 00:59:08 Acting achievements 01:05:58 Support + Feed 01:09:57 The importance for white vegans to be vocal about systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement 01:13:43 VAAO / They’re Trying To Kill Us 01:17:39 Stranded on a desert island
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