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Top vegan nutritionist and educator Niko Rittenau says he used to feel like an outcast for not eating meat.

Rittenau, who is also the author of ‘Vegan-Klischee ade!‘ (roughly translating to Debunking Vegan Myths), made the comments on the latest episode of the Plant Based News Podcast, hosted by Co-Founder Robbie Lockie.


“I remember back then when I really felt like an outcast for not eating meat, I mean, I stopped [eating meat] more or less when I was let’s say five or six…” Rittenau explained.

“I always felt uncomfortable eating meat… But it was a huge part of the culture.”

‘Quickfire Q&A’

The pair also discuss the tautology between vegan and plant-based, how to confidently eat a balanced plant-based diet, reducetarianism, industry-funded studies, and much more!

The podcast also features a quickfire Q&A and insight into Rittenau’s upcoming music career.

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