Reading Time: < 1 minute The influencer dubbed popular fads diet as being 'detrimental' to one's health (Photo: Candice Hutchings)
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Top vegan YouTuber Candice Hutchings, aka The Edgy Veg, has blasted ‘eating disorders disguised as influencer culture’.

The chef, and author of The Edgy Veg cookbook, made the comments when discussing the trend of vegan YouTubers leaving the movement in the latest episode of the Plant Based News podcast.

‘Restricted eating’

“People coming out as ‘I’m no longer vegan’ is blaming veganism itself and the vegan movement. Your health issues, for example, chances are they were not caused by your vegan lifestyle, had you been doing the lifestyle properly,” Hutchings told PBN Co-Founder Robbie Lockie.

“I find with a lot of these people it’s a lot of restricted eating it’s a lot of oil-free, sugar-free, very very restrictive – not reasonable in terms of what a balanced diet looks like – eating disorders disguised as influencer culture.”

‘Blame veganism’

She added: “And I think the easier thing to do is then blame veganism when the quote on quote ‘average normal human being’ doesn’t eat 15 bananas day. So then to turn around and say ‘veganism made me sick’ – well you didn’t give true fair veganism a chance.

“You bought into these diets that are very popular online that are really detrimental to your health and then are wondering why you got sick.”

You can listen to the PBN Podcast here

Liam Giliver

Liam is the former Deputy Editor of Plant Based News. He has written for The Independent, Huffington Post, Attitude Magazine, and more. He is also the author of 'We're Worried About Him'.