Cara Alwill Leyba Proves Veganism Is Glamorous In Latest Episode Of PBN Podcast

Cara Alwill Leyba Proves Veganism Is Glamorous In Latest Episode Of PBN Podcast


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'I can't eat anything with a face' (Photo: Cara Alwill Leyba / Instagram) - Media Credit:
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Cara Alwill Leyba, best-selling author of eight books, creator of Champagne Diet blog, and host of the Style Your Mind podcast is interviewed by Co-founder of Plant Based News Robbie Lockie in the latest PBN podcast.

The entrepreneur shares her journey to veganism, from her teen angst days of proclaiming ‘I can’t eat anything with a face’ to understanding the intersectional link between the dairy industry and feminism. 

Cara quit her ‘soul-sucking’ job to create a career she is passionate about, proving veganism isn’t all mung-bean eating and croc-wearing.

‘I’m a very strong feminist’

“The meat industry for me was very black and white. I understood what was going on. I didn’t want to be part of it so I didn’t miss meat,” Cara states. “But I had no idea what was happening with the dairy industry.  

“I’m a very strong feminist and as I started to learn what was happening to these female cows – they’re being forcefully impregnated – and that is what was giving me this fancy cheese plate I used to crave when I went out for a glass of champagne. And I started to think about how horrifying it all was.

“That was when I turned a corner and was able to go full force into it, and I honestly never looked back.”

The podcast covers topics such including:

1.05: Cara’s vegan story

4.40: People’s reactions

5.55: The vegan community

8.33: Cara’s approach to veganism

13.20: Cara’s childhood 

16.40: Teaching parents about veganism

20.20: Family health

23.40: Disease and illness

26.17: ‘The Vegan Starter Pack’

27.24: An elitist movement?

28.15: Inspiring others

33.14: The top regrets of the dying study

34.30: Balancing work and life

36.50: Relationships

38.25: Cara’s books

40.10: Confidence and aging 

42.13: The obsession with perfection

48.55: What does glamour mean to you?

55.34: Stranded on a desert island (obviously)

You can listen to the full podcast on SoundcloudSpotify, and iTunes

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