WATCH: YouTube Fitness Star Gives ‘Honest Opinion’ On Vegan Journey


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YouTuber Grace Fit UK has described her journey so far to her new vegan lifestyle.

She billed her journey as ‘massive’ – adding that she wants her view of it to be ‘honest’ and accountable.

While the social media star described herself as plant-based at the beginning of her transition, by the end, she spoke about looking into using cruelty-free cosmetics and giving up products like leather.


Speaking in a video (above) she said: “Guys, you know I’ve been interested in veganism for so long, but more of a kind of thing to like, introduce aspects into my diet rather than to do as a whole, just because I have had a history of very restrictive eating.

“I do 100 percent think it’s possible to do veganism without feeling restricted, but I was really worried that if I introduced restriction and things I can and can’t have, then I would end up resenting it all and not wanting to do it at all.

“I know that’s selfish – the reason I look into these things is because of ethics and the environment.”


The YouTuber decided to go ‘cold turkey’, and ditched animal products.

She says: “The more I did it, the more I thought ‘this is so easy, I feel so great, and I’m happy that I’m doing something that’s so in-line with my ethos.

She adds that she ‘really educated’ herself, watching documentaries and sourcing information.

She said: “However much I like chocolate and cheese, I don’t want to go back.

“I thought I would go back [to not being vegan], but I am so happy at this stage – I’m not going back.”


Speaking in the comments section, Grace added: “Thank you so much for watching and most importantly for supporting me guys! 

“I know this is quite a radical decision, and I intend to keep my channel as unpushy and everyone-friendly as possible, whilst still standing up for what I believe in. 

“I will always be completely honest and I hope this helps some people who have maybe been considering the change, or at least cutting back on consumption.”

You can findGrace Fit UK’s YouTube channel here


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