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A restaurant chain that has long been famous for its handcrafted meat burgers is adding a vegan patty to its menu.

Johnny Rockets, which has more than 400 outlets in 28 countries, has teamed up with meat-free brand Gardein to offer customers its black bean burger.

The Gardein patty is made from black beans, brown rice, corn and bell peppers. It will be served with fresh tomato and crisp leaf lettuce on a whole-wheat bun, though customers will be able to customize it by adding a range of tasty veggies to the sandwich.


James Walker, President of Operations and Development, said: “We are proud to announce these exciting innovations to the Johnny Rockets menu.

“These changes emphasize our commitment to the quality premium burgers that the Johnny Rockets brand is known for, and strives to meet the evolving tastes of our loyal customers with an expanded range of flavorful, healthful menu choices.

“We’re looking to generate excitement and anticipation with fans of the Johnny Rockets experience as we roll out these menu updates.”


Johnny Rockets joins a number of burger joints who have added vegan options to their offerings.

These include BurgerFi and Hopdoddys – which have started to serve high-tech plant-based alternatives to meat in the form of Beyond Burgers and Impossible Burgers.

The growing demand for plant-based food is seeing more and more mainstream establishments diversifying their menus to meet demand – which is great news for the profile of vegan food.

James Walker said: “We’re confident that partnerships with leading specialty food brands will ensure our restaurants have something for everyone in the family to enjoy.” 


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