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The 10 worst cities for vegans in the United States have been revealed by new research.

Consumer spending experts at have produced a new report identifying the best – and worst – cities for people following plant-based diets.

Cities were judged on multiple factors including the number of takeaway services with dietary options, the number of specialty restaurants, the cost of ingredients to cook a specialty meal, the cost of energy costs to cook a meal, and the number of specialty cooking classes.

Worst 10 cities in the US to live on a plant-based diet

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  3. Mesa, Arizona
  4. Baltimore, Maryland
  5. Indianapolis, Indiana
  6. Nashville, Tennessee
  7. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  8. Sacramento, California
  9. San Jose, California
  10. Louisville, Kentucky
Nashville hit number six on the list (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)

Which cities have evolved

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Ben Gallizzi, energy expert at, said: “As new eating habits emerge, it’s interesting to see which cities have evolved their grocery, restaurant, and takeaway offering to suit the dietary requirements of its residents.”

According to its research, the most evolved (vegan-friendly) cities include Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, New York, Phoenix, Portland, and Columbus.