World's First Book On Vegan Fashion And Beauty Lands On Bookshelves In July

World’s First Book On Vegan Fashion And Beauty Lands On Bookshelves In July


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When going vegan seven years ago, I trawled the internet for information and raided bookstores to learn more about vegan living – and while I found an endless supply of recipes, nutritional facts and exquisitely beautiful photos of plant-based delicacies, there was nothing at all on the other, non-food aspects of veganism.

Working in the fashion industry at the time, I wanted to know more about what my wardrobe, home and beauty routine could look like in my new vegan life – but I was not finding any inspiring content on cruelty-free style.

So I decided to create a source for fellow fashion-loving vegans.

Vegan fashion revolution

In the years while I have been working on my first book VeganStyle: Your Plant-Based Guide to Fashion + Beauty + Home + Travel, the vegan fashion revolution has taken its place in the spotlight of mainstream style.

From iconic designer brands going fur-free to big names like Hugo Boss and H&M working with pineapple leather and orange silk, there has never been a better time to leave animals out of our wardrobes.

The vegan fashion conversation is happening now, as more and more people are realising what many vegans already knew: that animals are not fabric and that their skins aren’t ours to take.

Vegan style

Vegan Style is an informative and hopefully inspiring guide to creating a vegan wardrobe (and preserving it), shopping for vegan beauty, decorating your home with compassion and travelling consciously.

It’s a practical handbook filled with handy tips, but it also provides a lot of insight from industry insiders such as designers, influencers, entrepreneurs and other tastemakers who have been working to create change in the world of fashion for a long time.

I’m proud to give a voice to their work and to bring their visions to light – it’s thanks to them that we are beginning to see the ripples of true change happening in the industry and a new consciousness taking form in fashion.

Tips and information

The aim of the book is to provide tips and information to vegans and others who are looking to dress more consciously, but it’s also designed to elevate the image of vegan fashion and highlight the fact that dressing ethically doesn’t have to mean compromising on style.

Just like vegan food, vegan fashion is not a restriction – it’s a choice, and it can be a creative, expressive and fulfilling one.

 Whether you have been vegan for years or are just looking into dressing cruelty-free, I hope Vegan Style helps you find inspiration. I hope it makes you feel empowered about your choice to wear animal-free clothing and live a more compassionate life.

I hope it encourages you to find your personal style and use style for what it’s for – expressing yourself, without harming others.

Vegan Style: Your Plant-Based Guide to Fashion + Beauty + Home + Travel by Sascha Camilli is published by Murdoch Books, priced £14.99. It publishes July 11, 2019.

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