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A major showcase of the companies and trends transforming the food ecosystem using technology is coming to London this month.

London Food Tech Week, a week-long showcase, takes place at various venues across the city between May 20-24.

Event organizers say it is designed to ‘educate, foster partnerships, and help businesses enhance their impact on Food Tech’.

Food tech

“Food Tech is technological innovation that is applied to the food value chain,” say event organizers. “The food value chain is as exhaustive as farm to plate to bin and everything else in between – production, transportation and storage, processing, marketing, distribution, consumption and ultimately disposal.

“Food Tech has the potential to change the value chain by improving or replacing existing technology solutions. It can also create entirely new links in the value chain and open up new markets; or it could eliminate weak links that have long been causing inefficiencies in the industry and ecosystem. Simply put, Food Tech means the world to us.”

The event will take place in London later this month

Robbie Lockie

Plant Based News Co-founder Robbie Lockie will be speaking at London Food Tech Week later this month. He will be part of the YFood Talks series within the event.

“I am honored to be asked to speak at London Food Tech week,” he said. “YFood is a the forefront of shining a light on thought leaders and brands who are shaking things up with food technology. Being involved in the plant-based revolution, I have been able to witness first hand the rapid expansion and proliferation of plant-based products.

“I will be asking brands who don’t have a vegan or plant-based offering, why not? If brands are not providing options for vegans and flexitarians, they are missing out.

“Many businesses are responding to increasing consumer demand for more vegan products which is incredibly exciting. I am thrilled to be a part of this rapidly growing movement.”

You can find out more about the event and buy tickets here

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