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Major tennis tournament Wimbledon will be serving vegan cream with its trademark strawberries this year.

The move has been described as ‘ testament to the ever-growing demand for vegan fare’ by vegan campaigners.

In addition to the plant-based cream, vegan ice-cream will also be on the menu.

Vegan cream

PETA first urged Wimbledon to offer strawberries and vegan cream in 2017, and we’re delighted to make a racquet about the new cruelty-free treat,” PETA Director of Vegan Projects, Dawn Carr, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“Vegan cream is not only packed with flavor and kinder to animals and the environment but also a healthier alternative for tennis fans to enjoy in the heat.”

The charity adds that other animal-friendly changes will be seen at the event, as some players will be wearing ‘high-tech vegan kit made with recycled plastic and designed especially for Wimbledon by Stella McCartney’.

*This article was updated on June 28. It previously incorrectly stated a specific brand of vegan ice-cream that would be available at Wimbledon.