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Intermittent Fasting is a general term for various eating patterns that involve fasting (not eating) for short periods of time.

Unlike a typical weight loss diet or weight loss plan that restricts how much or what you eat, it’s all about integrating periods of fasting into your day to reap the many proven health benefits of Intermittent Fasting – like burning stored body fat for energy, feeling less hungry, and improving many biomarkers of health.

In my opinion, Intermittent Fasting is a more natural way of eating. Rather than eating because the clock tells you to, or because ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, you learn to eat when you are hungry. This is why Intermittent Fasting diets are key becoming a successful lifestyle change for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Intermittent Fasting

The Western world has only been eating three meals a day for 400 years or so. This may seem like a long time but Homo sapiens (us) have been around for 200,000 years.

Eating three meals day is not based on our biological needs but started due to cultural reasons.

It’s important to realise that Fasting is not a new idea. Every ancient culture and religion has used Fasting in some way – to cleanse and heal the body.

Reasons to try fasting

How Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

In order to understand how Intermittent Fasting works, you need to first know about the different metabolic states that the body goes through when we eat food.?

The Fed State – (AKA. The absorptive state) occurs after a meal when your body is digesting the food and absorbing the nutrients.

Digestion begins the moment you put food into your mouth, as the food is broken down into its constituent parts to be absorbed through the intestine. Insulin is also elevated, and this signals your body to store any excess calories in your fat cells. In the presence of insulin, the burning of fat is halted, while the body burns glucose (from your last meal) instead.

?The Fasted State – (AKA. The post absorptive state) occurs when the food you eat has been digested, absorbed, and stored. You commonly fast overnight but skipping meals during the day puts your body in the post absorptive state as well.

Initially your body depends on glycogen (stored carbohydrate) to fuel itself but as insulin levels drop (while glucagon and growth hormone, opposing hormones to insulin, rises). The body starts mobilizing stored body fat from your fat cells and burning this fat for energy (instead of glucose).

Intermittent Fasting or extending your overnight fast allows you to spend time in the fasted state, which means you are using stored body fat for fuel. This is a completely normal process and is one of the many evolutionary advantages we have developed in order to survive in harsh times when there wasn’t much food around.

There are many Intermittent Fasting benefits that you can gain from being in the fasted state, like fat loss, having more energy and feeling less hungry. ?

The 2 Meal Day and Intermittent Fasting

My online plans are the product of years of self-experimentation, research, and work. I started 2 Meal Day with the intention of creating the simplest and most effective form of Intermittent Fasting and I am proud to say that I believe I have done that.

2 Meal Day incorporates Intermittent Fasting into a sustainable lifestyle and has the profound effect optimising one’s fitness, health and overall wellbeing.

The 2 Meal Day plan is fully online-based and provides you with all the tools to incorporate Intermittent Fasting into your life, achieve your health and fitness goals, and make them stick.

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