Are Weight-Loss Transformation Success Stories Fat Shaming?

Are Weight-Loss Transformation Success Stories Fat Shaming?


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Adele's weight loss sparked online debate  - Media Credit:
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Is media coverage of weight loss transformations inherently fatphobic?

In this video, Plant Based News founder Klaus Mitchell discusses recent coverage of musical icon Adele’s weight loss – and rumors that she lost around 100lb on a predominantly plant-based diet.

When the article was shared on Instagram, it provoked not only fierce debate, but abuse.

Weight loss

“To be clear, no one is saying they love Adele more because of her weight loss – and if they do, we don’t condone that view,” says Mitchell in the video. “What came as a surprise to me, was when the article we published was met with criticism and demands to take it down.”

He discusses some of the responses – including one that accused PBN of ‘equating a woman’s worth with her weight’ by reporting on the information.

“My question to you is whether PBN should feel guilty for reporting on body transformations?” he asks, pointing out that the story published the fact of Adele’s weight loss, without offering a moral view on that.

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We recently put out an article about @adele’s weight loss transformation: ‘Adele’s 100lb Weight Loss Rumoured To Be From Mainly Plant-Based Diet’ ? ? What came as a surprise to us was when our article was met with criticism and demands to take it down. In this video we explore what is fueling this hysteria. Should Plant Based News feel guilty reporting about body transformations?? ? What do you think? Let us know in the comments ? (You can read the article here: . . —————————————————— ? ? Plant-based recipes, chefs & restaurants around the world: @pbnfood ???????? Plant-based doctors & health advisors: @pbnhealth ?? Learn how to grow vegetables: @pbngrow ????? ?Plant-based athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness tips: ? ?? Eco & Ethical Tourism: ?? Ethical & Vegan Beauty ? ?? YouTube: PLANT BASED NEWS

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When this video was shared on PBN‘s Instagram, it garnered many responses, with one commentator saying: “Adele was one of the most famous, popular and loved artists on earth before she lost all that weight. Not sure how people can say she became more ‘loved’ and got more media attention after losing weight. Her media attention has been enormous throughout her career independent of her body shape.”

Another suggested: “When people start throwing the fat-shaming card on any fitness-related content. It’s because they are critiquing their own roadblocks and fears.”

But some felt that discussion of weight loss is inherently problematic, with one Instagram user saying: “Yes, it is a gendered issue and that’s why the article is problematic, answered your own questions there really. I also hate veganism being seen as a quick diet to thinness. That’s not why people should be going vegan and no one be promoting diet culture [sic].”

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