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A staggering 75 percent of all American healthcare costs are connected to diet-related diseases.

This is a problem Doug understands only too well. 

The self-described ‘fat man’, who used to weigh more than 500lbs, talks about his experience having to test chairs before sitting on them – or eating 12 plates of food at a buffet ‘because you don’t want to pay for just the one’.


But Doug is on an epic health journey, turning to plant-based nutrition to improve his health, and lose weight.

What’s it like, turning his life around? Doug has invited PBN to share this epic journey with him in this amazing exclusive video series.

He says: “I am the second chance fat man. We’re going to talk about the journey going from 500lb to 387lb and ultimately hopefully down to 200lb.

“We’re going to talk about incorporating a whole food plant-based lifestyle and a solid exercise program.”

You canwatch Doug’s journey so far here


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