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Earlier this year, a pair of identical twins compared vegan and meaty diets in a very well-documented experiment.

Ross and Hugo Turner, known as the ‘Adventure guinea pigs’ trialed the diets over 12 weeks between January and March this year. Ross Turner followed the meaty diet, with Hugo going plant-based throughout.

The pair recently discussed the experience on The Exam Room Podcast, which is hosted by Chuck Carroll.

Experiment details

The twins consumed a very similar number of calories, both eating meals prepared by food delivery service Mindful Chef, and both did five or six sessions of endurance training each week, where they lifted the same weights, for the same number of reps.

Researchers from King’s College monitored the twins, tracking metrics like muscle mass and weight, as well as cholesterol throughout the experiment.

Identical twins

In this Plant Based News video, PBN founder Klaus Mitchell discusses the twins’ experiment, noting that one of the benefits plant-based twin Hugo discovered was that he maintained good energy levels throughout the day, unlike Ross, who experienced peaks and troughs with his energy.

“This adds up the numerous success stories from documentaries like What the Health and The Game Changers as well as from the scientific literature,” Mitchell says in the video.

He adds that there are ‘multiple reasons’ for why herbivores have more stable energy levels, saying the ‘most commonly cited among scientific research is lack of fiber increase content of fat in meat’.

You can watch the full PBN video here

You can watch the Turner twins discuss their experience on The Exam Room Podcast here 

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