Reading Time: < 1 minute Diet can play a role in managing diabetes
Reading Time: < 1 minute

This PBN video discusses how a whole food plant-based diet can be used to assist with diabetes management.

Many people know that a plant-based diet can play a role in controlling – or even reversing – type 2 diabetes.

But a whole food diet can also be used to help manage insulin resistance – having a positive impact on types 1 and 1.5 diabetes, according to Robby Barbaro – type 1 diabetic and Co-founder of organization Mastering Diabetes.

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Speaking about a whole food plant-based diet, Barbaro told PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell: “Low fat means a maximum of 15 percent of calories coming from fat or a maximum of total 30g of fat per day. Plant-based means nothing but plants.

“Whole food means not refined. So we teach people to eat whole fruit. We teach people to eat intact whole grains. We teach people to eat potatoes that are not processed and had oils added to them. We teach people to eat beans that are not laden with oil.

“Those are whole foods.”

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