WATCH: Dr. Neal Barnard Defends 'What The Health' In Plant Based News Interview

WATCH: Dr. Neal Barnard Defends ‘What The Health’ In Plant Based News Interview


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With the benefits of a vegan diet becoming increasingly well-known, it was time for Plant Based News’ Klaus Mitchell to sit down with top physician Dr. Neal Barnard once more and give him a grilling.

One of the topics covered in the interview is hit documentary What the Health, and the criticism that has been recently leveled at the movie.


Dr. Barnard appears in the film that has inspired a number of people (including celebrity Ne-Yo) to go plant-based.

He said: “I think it is a terrific film – it’s getting the truth out. It [the backlash] doesn’t surprise me.

“I think there are people who find things to criticize – and I think those people would do better to have a little more fiber in their diet.”


Dr. Barnard also talks about the conflict of interest that pervades the scientific community.

He says: “It happens all the time – you know, you have the egg industry trying to show that cholesterol doesn’t matter, and the meat industry trying to show that fat doesn’t matter.

“The dairy industry in particular is trying to show that dairy fat won’t hurt you. They are there constantly, and they are getting smarter all the time. 

“They fund studies of their own, they know how to put studies together that will seem to exonerate their products.

“And they pay medical organizations a certain amount of money. You don’t want to call it hush money, but that’s kind of what it has become.

“And it’s not going away because the kind of money they are talking about is measured in the tens of billions of dollars.”

You can watch the whole interviewhere.

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