Leading Doctor Debunks Low Carb Keto Diet


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Dr. Ornish says there are health implications of eating too many animal products - Media Credit:

Keto diets ‘can promote disease’, according to top US physician Dr. Dean Ornish.

Low carb ketogenic diets have become increasingly popular in recent months – with more people experimenting with this way of eating in a bid to lose weight and tackle various health issues. The diet involves eating large amounts of fat and very few carbs, in a bid to get the body into ketosis – a state where it is burning fat for energy when it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn. These diets are often high in animal products, though some people do vegan ketogenic diets.

In this exclusive Plant Based News video, Dr. Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California and Founder and President of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, debunks some of the claims around the diet.

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While Dr. Ornish admits weight loss is possible on a ketogenic diet, he asks whether ‘you are mortgaging your health’ when doing so.

He says: “The answer is yes. When you look at the arteries of people on a keto diet, they tend to be more clogged, even though they may be losing weight.

“Weight loss is good but you can lose weight in lots of ways that aren’t good for you. Smoking cigarettes is an excellent way to lose weight, chemotherapy is a good way to lose weight, getting profoundly depressed is a good way to lose weight.

“I don’t recommend any of those approaches – you want an approach which promotes health.”

You canwatch the full video here

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