Reading Time: < 1 minute NiLuu features sleep masks, face masks, pillowcases, and kimonos (Photos: Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Nilufer Bracco – a former volleyball pro turned entrepreneur – has launched her own sustainable loungewear brand featuring vegan silk.

niLuu, which has received vegan certification from PETA, features sleep masks, face masks, pillowcases, and kimonos.

‘It’s important for the environment’

Speaking to Forbes, Bracco said: “Veganism and animal cruelty are very important to me and it’s important for the environment also.

“I am not a vegan, I’s not a purist, I’m not perfect but I am doing my best to learn and improve every day.”

‘Zero waste emissions’

The animal-free silk is made from Cupro – which uses the ‘fluffy fiber around the plant’s seeds which are a byproduct of the cotton harvest’. It is a hypoallergenic material which is also ‘anti-static, breathable, [and] biodegradable’.

“It’s very important that my supply chain is very simple,” Bracco added, “The Cupro yarn I use is produced in Japan exclusively at AsahiKASEI in their state of the art facilities where they have zero waste emissions and are at 40 percent renewable energy consumption.”

You can shop niLuu’s range here

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