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Legendary animal rights activist and journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell has called out mainstream media in an exclusive PBN interview.

Sitting down with PBN’s co-founder Robbie Lockie, the Jane UnChained news anchor has revealed that the mainstream media ‘pretends’ veganism doesn’t exist.

Mainstream media

Having worked in the mainstream media herself for several decades, Velez-Mitchell has first-hand insights in the industry – and knows how to combat it.

“Social media is the most important thing for the movement, because the mainstream media will never tell our story,” explains Velez-Mitchell.

“People are going vegan left and right – they pretend we don’t exist.

“The mainstream media pretends the vegan movement does not exist.”


She goes on to say: “I’m talking about The New York Times, I’m talking about the networks – they don’t look at this issue, because a) the advertisers, b) it’s the really inconvenient truth.”

The high profile vegan journalist also highlighted that it’s the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries that control mainstream media.

Watch the full interviewhere


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