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Renowned plant-based doctor Michael Greger has shared the recipe for his favorite drink on YouTube: a vegetable smoothie designed to offer a plethora of health benefits.

The world-class physician has just kicked off his brand new Dr. Greger in the Kitchen YouTube series, which he describes as ‘taking the science, and putting it into practice’.

Featured in his upcoming How Not To Die Cookbook, the smoothie recipe is called ‘V-12 Vegetable Blast’.

The smoothie includes celery, carrot, bell pepper, scallion, beet, jalapeno pepper, fresh turmeric root, kale, and curly parsley.

The personality then instructs his viewers to blend the smoothie for the duration of… 10 burpees.

He does 10 of the tough exercise himself until the drink is ready.


Dr. Greger explains: “The idea for this came out of my research into nitrate-rich vegetables like beetroot and spinach, shown to improve both oxygen delivery by opening up our blood vessels, and amazingly, oxygen efficiency, boosting the amount of power we can extract from each breath.”

According to Dr. Greger, drinking the veg smoothie will lead to athletic performance-enhancing benefits, improve peripheral artery disease, boost cognitive functions, as well as bring down blood pressure – and may even enhance longevity by slowing our basal metabolic rate.

You can watch the full videohere

The cookbook will be released on December 5; or you can pre-order ithere


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