Reading Time: 2 minutes The veggie fridges have proved very popular with customers (Photo: Pret a Manger)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Earlier this summer, high street chain Pret a Manger decided to trial ‘green fridges’ containing only vegan and veggie food.

According to the brand, the experiment has been so successful, the fridges will now stay for the rest of the summer.


A post on Pret’s Facebook said: “Noticed our green veggie fridges? 

“We’ve been trialling them for a month and they’ve proven to be quite popular… so they’re here to stay for the rest of the summer.”

The fridges, which were initially intended to last for a month, from around mid June – mid July, were placed in stores around the UK.


At the time of the launch, CEO Clive Schlee took to his blog to discuss the initiative, writing: “The bold green fridges will be accompanied by monthly veggie and vegan Chef’s Specials and a new campaign which aims to encourage more meat eaters to try our veggie options. 

“This approach does carry some risk and we are treading carefully. I’m curious if our veggie menu will appeal more or less to customers when highlighted in a single fridge. 

“Will it attract or deter our regular meat-eaters? We’ll be monitoring your feedback and the sales very closely. 

“Who knows… Perhaps it will help us find the best location for our next Veggie Pret?”


In other exciting Pret news, while there is no update about the next Veggie Pret, another vegan option have been launched.

The Vegan Chilli & Avocado Flatbread, costs £3.99 and will be available until September 4.

It is stuffed with avocado, charred corn & black bean salsa, chilli “sin” carne, pickled onions, red peppers and spinach.


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