Reading Time: < 1 minute Trader Joe's has debuted a non-dairy eggnog (Photo: @traderjoeslist Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A new vegan Almond Nog festive beverage from Trader Joe’s has made vegans lose their cool.

The non-dairy version of the holiday favorite – eggnog – was spotted by a shopper who took to Instagram to share the good news, writing: “Finally a nog I can get behind.”

Compared to traditional eggnog, this plant-based alternative is a much lighter version, according to the nutrition facts pictured.


Instagram user @edonatucci commented: “I just died!!!!”

“My dreams have come true!!!” added @amjack_26.

@sasha0506 said: “OMG. This just made my day!!!!”

User @kierstenjmaxwell said: “OMG We must get before it sells out.”


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