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The managing director of a major food company has said veganism is a trend ‘that cannot be ignored by the food trade’.

Rufus Carter heads up The Patchwork Food Company of Ruthin, which has just launched a range of vegan pates for the food service sector across the UK.

The products will be available to restaurants and caterers across the country – helping food providers meet the increasing demand for vegan food.


Carter said: “Veganism is a trend that cannot be ignored by the food trade and we are delighted that we are able to respond quickly to consumer trends and deliver pates for Vegan menu options across the UK.

“We have been making pate for over 35 years and are keen to support the food service trade with tasty vegan options.”

The range includes four flavors: Red Lentil & Sundried tomato with Chilli; Brown Lentil, Mushroom & Garlic; Brown Lentil & Hazelnut; and Red Pesto.


According to The Patchwork Food Company, 2018 will be the year veganism will go mainstream

According to the company: “The movement is being driven by Millennials indicating that growth is likely to keep increasing.

“In total 1.68 million people in Britain are either vegetarian or vegan.”