VEGANCOIN: Cruelty Free Cryptocurrency Launched By Vegan Community Founder

VEGANCOIN: Cruelty Free Cryptocurrency Launched By Vegan Community Founder


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The community wants to bring vegans together (Photo: Supplied to PBN) - Media Credit:
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A new vegan-friendly community with its own cyprocurrency called ‘vegancoin’ has been announced.

The decentralized community – called VeganNation – will bring vegan-verified services and products together in an online space – these include platforms for meal sharing, content sharing, e-commerce, meet-ups, and more.

Users can then pay for these services and goods using the cryptocurrency.


There are reportedly more than 300 million vegans around the world – making the community close in size to that of the United States.

According to VeganNation: “It’s surprising that such an enormous population still lacks access to a single ecosystem that assists vegans in living and enjoying a truly plant-based and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

“Living a vegan lifestyle is a daunting task. In today’s world, it can be nearly impossible to track the origin of food or product and authenticate whether it is 100 percent cruelty-free and fair.

“VeganNation is a global community platform uniting hundreds of millions of vegans and providing services that make the vegan lifestyle more attainable (just like a nation would do) – providing an ecosystem with its own traceable currency, marketplace, content platform and more.”


VeganNation will be based on blockchain technology using smart contracts, which its founders say will ‘ensure a transparent supply chain and provide a designated coin to serve the community members in all their transactions’.

When members join the platform, they will be provided with a ‘Passport’ – VeganNation’s digital wallet.

The mobile platform (Photo: Supplied to PBN)


Isaac Thomas, CEO and Co-founder of VeganNation, has been vegan for two years. He hopes the platform will make the lifestyle more accessible and sustainable for others.

He said: “In today’s digital age, individuals from around the globe can unite to create more than just a community, but a nation to create change.

“The global vegan community is in need of support, and can truly benefit from a unified nation of like-minded people dedicated to the vegan way of life.

“VeganNation is the solution to making the vegan lifestyle more accessible, and giving them the power to make global change.”

VeganNation will launch the meal sharing and content platforms in May of 2018. VeganCoin can be acquired in the pre-sale at the end of February 2018. The official ICO for VeganCoin will be at the end of March, along with the launch of the ‘Passport’ digital wallet.

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