Reading Time: 2 minutes Campaigners called for a vegan sausage roll (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

High street bakery Greggs has revealed it is testing vegan sausage rolls, according to Raise Vegan magazine.

The chain has not given many details, aside from confirming that ‘Head office is testing out vegan sausage rolls‘.

There is no word yet about when and where the items will be available.

Vegan campaign

The news follows a petition launched in January by Vegan charity PETA, which has been calling on Greggs for months to create a plant-based version of its classic grab-and-go pastry snack – something the chain reportedly says it has been working on for years.

PETA Director of Vegan Corporate Projects, Dawn Carr, said: “More people than ever are clamouring for healthy vegan options from their favourite on-the-go eateries.

“PETA is calling on Greggs to heed this growing demand, add a vegan sausage roll to the menu, and watch the cruelty-free treats fly off the shelves.”

Growing importance of veganism

In response to PETA’s petition, a Greggs spokesperson said: “We are aware that vegetarian and vegan diets are of growing importance to many people, whether that be for moral or health reason, or indeed both.

“As a company, we believe in putting customers at the heart of everything we do, we plan to introduce even more vegetarian and vegan options in the future.”

Vegan pledge

Following the campaign, Roger Whiteside – Chief Executive of Greggs – promised to add more vegan options to the menu.

He said: “We’re aware people would like those types of options in some of our savoury categories and things, but they’re more difficult to achieve, frankly, because what we’re looking to do is to find things that have broad appeal because they taste great.

“In the year ahead, we will continue to focus on delivering the outstanding value and taste that Greggs is famous for.”

Vegan wrap

Following Whiteside’s promise, this Summer, the store launched a vegan wrap.

The vegan Mexican Bean Wrap, which is part of the Balanced Choice range, contains 345 calories.

It also counts as one of the recommended ‘five-a-day’ of fruit and veg.

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