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Media outlet Global Meat News has responded to a joint
report by Bite UK and Eurostar Commodities with an article titled 2018
food trends: vegan protein to beat organic

The food trend report said vegan protein will likely
out perform organic meat this year.

It said: “We predict that vegan protein will continue to feature
strongly and will perform at a higher level than organic during 2018.”

Veggie Pret

The report highlighted the progress coffee chain Pret A
Manger made after it recently launched Veggie Pret, which sells only vegetarian and
vegan food.

According to data from the chain, sales in its flagship Veggie Pret soared by 70 per cent when the outlet ditched meat.


“The British public are becoming more and more comfortable
with vegan proteins that they would never have heard of just a few years ago,” Jason
Bull, sales director for Bite UK and Eurostar Commodities, told Global Meat

Global Meat News’ Oscar Rousseau added that
plant protein is becoming ‘a trend on which the global meat industry should keep
an eye on’.

Klaus Mitchell

Founder and Director at Plant Based News.