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Vegan pop-up Hidden Jewel, located in Saltburn, England, will serve free food to those struggling as the coronavirus (Covid 19) continues to spread.

The eatery, owned by Abdul Rauf, will give away plant-based curry and rice from the beginning of next week.

‘Difficult and uncertain times’

Speaking to Teesside Live, Rauf, who wants to ‘repay the fab community’ said: “During these difficult and uncertain times, from 1 pm on Monday, March 22, I will make free curry and rice that you can reheat in the microwave/oven or freeze.

“Donations welcome. Those who can. Please support our local businesses. They have rents, rates, staff, many other overheads before they eat.”

Vegan food bank

The vegan community in Worthing has also come together to offer vegan food, as well as hygiene products, and support during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network is completely volunteer-led. Individuals and businesses have been donating non-perishable, in-date food and hygiene products.

Resident Pia Offord, who founded the initiative, told the Worthing Herald: “Seeing people struggle in supermarkets and reading many desperate stories on social media by fellow Worthing residents, I wanted to come up with a way to support our ever-growing vegan community.

“I feel there is a need for an all-vegan food bank in our town, so I decided to reach out to various vegan-friendly, independent businesses in the Worthing area. Within the hour we came together to start the Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network.”

Liam Giliver

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