Reading Time: < 1 minute The bakery already serves vegans in Long Island well (Photo: Sweet to Lick)
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Yet another area will become home to an all-vegan outlet this summer – and this time it’s Long Island in New York.

Michael Sabet – the man behind Williston Park’s plant-based bakery Sweet to Lick – has announced plans to open Sweet to Lick The Market – just three doors down from the bakery.

Customers will be able to pick up a range of packaged vegan foods – as well as fresh local produce.


According to Sabet, the new store will have a welcoming and open feel.

He says: “So many of the vegan spots are like, ‘just so cool,’ and I’m maybe just not cool enough to be there. But this is my place. It’s exactly as cool as I am, so my family’s welcome, your family’s welcome.”

He says the store will make it easier to be vegan, selling a range of products that consumers may previously have had to visit multiple stores to find.


The Sweet to Lick bakery has been open since August 2013. Sabet, who had experience working in retail and as a professional cook decided to open the store after successfully developing plant-based desserts for his vegan wife Kathee.

While Sabet is not vegan himself, he doesn’t consume dairy products, and sees his food as a good option for people with allergies.

He says: “If seeing a kid have his first cookie in his whole life, and that look on his face — if that doesn’t keep you motivated, what’s left?”


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